Village Health International utilizes programs that are adaptable to meet needs of differing religious, cultural, governmental structures, and geopolitical situations.

Partnership with International Communities

Measurable outcomes of success are a direct result of local community collaboration in identifying specific problems.

Village Health International is in partnership with local communities in Haiti, Mozambique, Columbia, India, and Ethiopia. Specific health education initiatives include sanitation, water purification and human trafficking prevention.

As a result of Village Health initiatives, malaria, typhoid and dysentery were reduced in the community of La Gonave, Haiti. The founder of Village Health International, Lowell Adams has been responsible for the community education which empowered 5,000 families to build and maintain latrines. Through the efforts of holistic health education, Village Health International boasts a 70% reduction in water-born illness in the community of Fontina, Haiti.

International Schedule

Moliere, Port Au Prince, Haiti

April 9-12, 2019

VHI will be teaching Community Health Education principles with over 300 women at a Women’s Conference.

Island of LaGonave, Haiti

April 13-20, 2019

VHI will be leading a medical team of 8 doctors to the Wesleyan Hospital to perform specialty surgeries then the team will travel to various villages to further support Community Health Education teams in action

Lassouse, Haiti

April 13-20, 2019

VHI will be teaching a large group from GRACE organization further Community Health Education principles, including many hands-on, practical physical health lessons such as construction of trash pits and hand-washing stations, nutrition, sustainable gardening techniques, disease control and other community health lessons.

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

June (dates TBD)

VHI will be providing further training to Community Health Education committees and volunteers as well as working with Community Health Education trainees from neighboring countries to develop lessons for their individual communities.

Gambela, Ethiopia

June (dates TBD)

VHI will be providing further training for Community Health Education committees and volunteers in CHE programs in progress. Training will impact poor communities as well as refugee camps.

Johannesburg, South Africa

June (dates TBD)

Community Health Education classes will be given to a group that work to impact the Muslim community.

Nampula, Mozambique

July 1 – 5, 2019

Community Health Education training, incorporating many new physical and practical lessons.


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