About Village Health International

VHI is an organization committed to transforming lives through holistic health education.

Our Mission

The primary goal of Village Health International is to empower communities to address and change local problems, through local people, using local resources.

Community Health Education

The Community Health Education (CHE) model is implemented to address a myriad of domestic and international needs using a multifaceted, community-based, development strategy.

It is based on the belief that health has four foundational elements; to achieve optimum health one must be physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually balanced.

8 Core Principles of CHE

Village Health International operates under eight core principles of Community Health Education:

Development vs relief: Focus is identifying solutions and creating sustainable change from within rather than relying on outside assistance and creating dependency on temporary relief from others.

Prevention vs cure: Focus is self-identification of problems/illness and prevention education; thereby, facilitating health and efficient use of resources, reducing the need for recurring assistance.

Physical, spiritual, emotional and social integration: Focus is transformational education that addresses the individual from a fully holistic perspective.

Teaching vs doing: Focus is imparting knowledge through the Community Health Education modality, creating a pathway of discovery and learning, perpetuating sustainable self-help.

Community Ownership: Focus is promotion of self-discovery and autonomy in decision-making and problem solving through education.

Mature Leadership: Focus is development of local world -changing leaders through value-based, transformational education on leadership and management principles.

Sustainability: Focus is fostering development of local solutions using local resources and thus promoting sustainability of on-going development and transformation.

Multiplication/Growth: Focus is integration of Core Principles 1 – 7 to all community health initiatives thereby encouraging pervasive growth in physical health, spiritual health, emotional health and social health.

Equipping local people to solve local problems using local resources


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